Comprehensive Legal Counsel, For Military Members And Civilians Alike

The legal process is inherently stressful. Whether it's a family law, a criminal defense or a personal injury issue, there may be outcomes and repercussions that significantly impact your happiness, freedom and finances. If you're in the military, the stakes are even higher due to the greater degree of regulations and the significant impact any legal encounter can have on your career. A knowledgeable attorney, however, can guide you through the legal processes and help place you in a favorable position, even in the most dire circumstances.

I am Randy Hicks, and my firm strives to provide passionate, experienced representation to those who need it. Having served as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) at Georgia's Moody Air Force Base for four years, I am proud of our military personnel, and deeply familiar with the nuances of military law.

My offices provides compassionate assistance to military members and their spouses during all divorce and family law proceedings, including child custody and support matters.