Protecting Your Freedom And Career

If you’re in the military and you find yourself facing criminal actions, the repercussions may range beyond what is normally expected. Because the military has as a unique criminal justice system, the consequences may be even more severe. In these situations, having just a criminal defense or a military defense attorney is not enough. It’s imperative to retain a lawyer who is familiar with both systems and can simultaneously defend your rights in civilian and military court.

Attorney J. Randall “Randy” Hicks is a former active duty JAG and has over a decade of experience defending individuals, both civilian and military, against criminal charges in Valdosta and the surrounding Georgia regions.

Members Who Are Facing Charges In A Local Jurisdiction May Also Face Adverse Actions On Base

Working with military members from nearby Moody Air Force Base, Randy Hicks has protected his clients’ rights in courts-martial and administrative adverse actions, such as administrative discharges, punishment pursuant to Article 15, and flight evaluation boards. Whatever your situation, we can fight alongside you to protect your rights and reputation. We understand the law. We can help you protect your job, your career, your pay and your freedom.

Similarly, charges in a local jurisdiction, such as DUI and similar criminal offenses, can have serious consequences on your career. Our firm will help you fully address charges, both in local jurisdictions and on base, so that you receive complete protection.

Serving Military Personnel On Moody Air Force Base And Beyond

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