Georgia pedestrians should be on alert amid rising dangers

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Georgians are dedicated to their families and living their lives in a certain way. Part of that is adhering to the law and keeping watch on others in the community. Safety is a primary concern and drivers are expected to behave appropriately. That means adhering to the speed limit, not getting behind the wheel under the influence, avoiding distraction and recklessness.

Unfortunately, some do not follow to these principles and place others in jeopardy. This causes accidents with injuries and death.

Especially vulnerable are pedestrians. Since they are so completely unprotected in a motor vehicle accident, pedestrians can easily suffer brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, internal injuries, cuts, bruises and more. Pedestrian accidents often result in death. After an auto accident, those involved might be unsure of what to do. Since there are intricate legal details involved with the process of recovering compensation, having experienced advice is vital.

Georgia is statistically one of the worst states for pedestrians

A recent study says that Georgia is one of the worst states in the nation for pedestrian safety. According to Smart Growth America and its “Dangerous by Design” report, Georgia had the dubious distinction of being ranked ninth in the U.S. for pedestrian fatalities. Between 2016 and 2020, there are 1,261 pedestrian fatalities in the state.

For every 100,000 people, that came to 2.4 pedestrian deaths. Road design is believed to be a factor as a lack of sidewalks place pedestrians at risk. Still, driver behavior is a known problem with speeding increasing significantly in recent years.

The issue is not limited to Georgia. Overall in 2020, there was an average of 18 pedestrian fatalities per day throughout the United States. More than 6,500 people lost their lives. This was a spike of 4.5% from the previous year. Since 2009, pedestrian deaths have risen by 62%. The people who were most vulnerable were older – 50 to 65 and those over 75.

Understanding what to do after an auto accident may require help

While there is an endless stream of advertisements on television, on billboards and the internet of what to do after an auto accident, people might still be uncertain. Overwhelmed by the shock of being in a crash themselves or what a loved one is facing, they are suddenly confronted with medical expenses, problems returning to work, long-term health concerns and worse. If it is a pedestrian accident, there is a likelihood that they suffered serious injuries. It is imperative to think about how to move forward and hold those responsible accountable for what happened.

It is a physical, emotional and financial challenge to be in a pedestrian accident. Everyone can be affected and those who are unaware of what their options are might need to have assistance. Mistakes or missteps can delay or outright damage the process. To know what information is required, what evidence will be needed, how much to ask for in a claim and how to proceed in general, consulting with experienced and caring professionals who are entrenched in the community and know the ins and outs of personal injury cases is key.