Common causes of truck accidents in Georgia

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Even the most experienced Georgia drivers can get nervous driving around large trucks on the state’s busy roads and highways. This is understandable since an accident with a truck often means serious or fatal injuries.

There are many common causes of truck accidents in Georgia. Many of these causes can affect all drivers while some are unique to truck drivers.

Distracted and aggressive driving

Distracted and aggressive driving are factors in many types of car accidents, but truckers who are distracted and/or aggressive are often a greater danger to others on the road due to the large size and weight of the vehicle they are operating.

Additionally, truck drivers are sometimes more susceptible to distraction or aggression because they are fatigued.

Truck drivers are required to meet deadlines. Getting behind schedule due to poor weather or traffic backups can result in truck drivers skipping meal or rest breaks. Drowsy or fatigued driving makes it more likely a driver will be distracted or become aggressive.

Lack of training

Lack of training is another common cause of truck accidents. Trucking companies who are short on available drivers might hire inexperienced drivers and send them out on the roads before they are ready.

This inexperience can also mean that truck drivers fail to properly inspect their vehicle or load cargo. Improperly loaded cargo can cause the cargo to shift or weight to be unevenly distributed, leading to a truck accident.

Truck maintenance companies may fail to adequately maintain the truck. Most truck companies have a maintenances schedule but a missed scheduled maintenance check could mean disaster. Imagine a truck traveling at high speeds that experiences a brake failure or tire blowout. The consequences could be catastrophic.

Your options after a truck accident

Recovering from truck accident injuries can take quite a long time. It might take you weeks or months to recover and some injuries could leave you unable to perform certain tasks ever again or go back to work.

The losses from these injuries can quickly add up and you might begin to think about recovering compensation. While your focus should be on healing and recovery, do not wait too long if you are considering filing a personal injury claim for negligence.

The statute of limitations for negligence in Georgia is two years. You must file a personal injury action within two years of the date of your truck accident.

This may seem like a long time, but time can fly by fast when you are recovering from an accident. The two years could be up before you know it. Plus, before you file, it is important to receive an assessment of your situation.

Figuring out who to sue

One factor that complicates truck accident cases is knowing who to sue. It could be the truck driver, the trucking company, the trucking maintenance company or the trucking manufacturer.

An evaluation of the circumstances surrounding your truck accident can help you determine the property party to sue. This takes time. Therefore, it is best to start this process as soon as you feel ready. You do not want to miss out on your right to compensation because you missed a deadline.