Resolving Custody Issues For Civilians And Military Members

Child custody issues are usually among the most contentious ones in a divorce. However, custody issues for military service members can be even more complex to sift through. Whatever your situation, it’s important to retain the services of an experienced lawyer who can advocate for your parental interests and rights.

At J. Randall Hicks, P.C., we have assisted clients in Valdosta and across Georgia with family and matrimonial law issues, including providing the military members at Moody Air Force Base with comprehensive legal assistance. Randy Hicks, himself a former active duty JAG and currently in the reserves, understands the impact a family law issue can have on military personnel, and for the duration of his career, has fought to apply the law in the best interests of his clients. We create solutions in the best interests of your children while protecting your rights.

Helping Clients To Formulate A Plan

At our firm, we assist clients with a wide range of issues relating to child custody, visitation and child support. In particular, we strive to create flexible solutions that reflect the modern needs of both military and civilian parents, including creating parenting plans and visitation schedules. We assist with matters of child support, including helping to protect the financial interests of our clients while working to ensure that the children have a stable financial upbringing.

An Understanding Of The Implications On Military Personnel

For military members, questions of jurisdiction and relocation can have a large impact on custody issues. The potential for relocation by either party should be taken into account. Likewise, with modifications, there are a lot of unique jurisdictional issues that will need to be navigated. In some instances, cases can even be dismissed if there is not proper jurisdiction. We can also assist with the creation of a Family Care Plan, including appointing temporary caretakers in your stead while you’re stationed overseas or away from your family.

Whatever your circumstances, we have the experience and knowledge to place you in a favorable position.

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