Guidance For The Complexity Of Military Divorce

For military families that are going through a divorce, retaining the guidance of a lawyer who isn’t familiar with how a divorce impacts military members and their spouses is unwise. The issues raised during a divorce in which one of the parties is a military member, require the experience of an attorney who is familiar with these unique issues.

For over a decade, J. Randall Hicks, P.C., has been assisting individuals in Valdosta and military personnel stationed at Moody Air Force Base with their family and military family law issues, including providing comprehensive divorce guidance. We have full understanding of the nuances involved in these situations. As a former active duty JAG in the Air Force and currently in the reserves, Randy Hicks has both a personal understanding of and respect for military law.

Protecting The Rights And Interests Of Military Members And Their Spouses

We provide comprehensive representation on a variety of matters, including:

Retirement — According to the duration of marriage or the length of one’s military service, a spouse may be eligible to receive a portion of their spouse’s military pension. Likewise, a military member who does not believe that such a division is fair needs an attorney to help him defend such an action.

Health insurance — The issue of whether a civilian spouse is always an issue during a military divorce and it is important to have someone who knows the law regarding this important issue.

Jurisdiction — Being stationed in different bases can make filing a divorce in the proper jurisdiction a complicated matter. Mr. Hicks is knowledgeable about such issues.

Child support — It is important to be aware of which benefits can be considered when calculating child support.

Delays due to military service — In some instances service members may postpone court proceedings due to military service.

Assisting Families Across Georgia

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